Observatório da Ética Jornalística


The Observatory of Journalistic Ethics (objETHOS) is carried out by the Department of Journalism and the Postgraduate Program in Journalism (POSJOR) of the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

The project started in september 2009 as a research initiative, accompaniment and monitoring of ethics practiced by journalists and media. Our team consists of experienced researchers from five renowned brazilian universities (UFSC, UFPR, UFF, UFBA and UFPel), and researchers in training at the doctoral, masters and graduation level.

We develop researches for doctoral and masters theses, besides specific studies about journalistic ethics, media criticism, professional identity, technologies associated with journalism, new business models, alternative models of journalistic production, independent media, and new configurations of the information environment.

In objETHOS website are gathered studies about conduct and values in journalism, with an emphasis on reflections about professional ethics and deontology, as well as reviews of films, papers and research reports, e-books, videos, interviews, codes of ethics and other materials.

Our researches are supported by Extension of UFSC, Capes and CNPq. The objETHOS is a member of the National Network of Press Observatories (Renoi), which brings together academic brazilian initiatives and media monitoring professionals. The objETHOS is a member of Portuguese-Speaken Network for the Quality of Information (RLQI).

We maintain partnerships and cooperation agreements with Red Ética Segura (Fundación Nuevo Periodismo Iberoamericano, Colombia), with Ceis20 (University of Coimbra, Portugal), and with the Observatório de Imprensa.

Our team:

Dr. Francisco José Castihos Karam & Dr. Rogério Christofoletti

Chief Researchers:
Dr. Rogério Christofoletti (CV)
Dr. Samuel Lima (CV)

Associated Researchers:
Dr. Carlos Castilho (CV)
Dr. Carlos Nascimento Marciano (CV)
Dra. Janara Nicoletti (CV)
Dr. Jéferson Silveira Dantas (CV)
Dr. João Somma Neto, UFPR (CV)
Dra. Livia de Souza Vieira, Ielusc (CV)
Dr. Ricardo José Torres (CV)
Dra. Silvia Meirelles, UFPel (CV)
Dra. Sylvia Moretzsohn, UFF (CV)
Dra. Vanessa Pedro, Unisul (CV)

Doctoral Researchers:
Andressa Kikuti Dancosky (CV)
Dairan Mathias Paul, 2018-2012 (CV)
Juliana de Amorim Rosas, 2017-2021 (CV)
Juliana Freire Bezerra, 2018-2022 (CV)

Masters Researchers:
Clarissa do Nascimento Peixoto (CV)
Tânia Regina de Faveri Giusti (CV)
Denise Becker, 2019-2021 (CV)

Graduate Student:
Bianca Anacleto Francisco (CV)
Yolanda Cardoso (CV)

Our former researchers:
Alessandro Moreira, Cândida de Oliveira, Carlos Henrique Costa, Carolina Dantas, Carolina Pompeo Grando, Cesar Soto, Daniel Giovanaz, Elaine Manini, Evandro de Assis, Flavio Toassi Crispim, Giulia Oliveira Gaia, Giuliana Kelly Butkenicius de Arruda, Guilherme Longo Triches, Gustavo Lacerda Falluh, Isabel Cristina Silveira, Isadora Mafra, Isabela Petrini Moya, Jacques Mick, Jeana Laura da Cunha Santos, Klay Karen, Leonel Camasão, Lucas Pasqual, Luis Alberto Fernández Silva, Mariana da Rosa Silva, Marianne Oliveira Ternes, Melissa Bergonsi, Milena Lumini, Siliana Dalla Costa, Sofia Mayer Dörner, Thiago Amorim Caminada, Vanessa Hauser.

Observatory of Journalistic Ethics (objETHOS)
Departamento de Jornalismo – Centro de Comunicação e Expressão
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC)
Campus Universitário – Trindade
Florianópolis (SC), Brazil

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